When the chaos dies down and you're sick of canned food, what will your long term plan be?

Map of the Dead

Posted on October 15th, by Leah in Preparedness Tips. Comments Off on Map of the Dead

Map of the Dead

We have different priorities than the average person preparing for the zombie apocalypse; we’re making sure you know how to feed yourself since processed foods tend to have a fairly short shelf life. We’ll also tell you what you can plant easily based on your limitations: space, sun, water, etc. And we’ll help you figure this all out BEFORE disaster strikes!

However! if you’re not planning on staying at your current location when the dead rise or you’re unsure how to get through the immediate aftermath should people start to reanimate, we’ve found a great survival map for you- Map of the Dead.  Just plug in your city or zip code and this handy creation will show you what areas to avoid (basically any areas with high populations are marked red for dangerous) and where the nearest helpful raiding locations are to you (grocery stores, hospitals, malls, hardware stores, etc). We’re hoping they’ll add plant nurseries, craft stores, and community gardens soon!


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