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Potato! Potato! Potato!

Posted on October 17th, by Kathy in Containers and Beds, Veggie Notes. Comments Off on Potato! Potato! Potato!

Potato! Potato! Potato!

Garbage bags as potato planting containers

You can grow potatoes almost anywhere, and they make great container plants.  This year we grew potatoes in our square foot gardens, in half barrels to decorate our driveway, in vinyl “potato tubs,” made just for potato growing, and in empty chicken feed sacks.  Some folks grow them in garbage bags, and plastic or canvas shopping bags.  In fact, potatoes may be the easiest thing to grow in your garden.

It’s a few months before you need to figure out which kind of container you’ll need for your potatoes.  When it’s time, we’ll have a special “Quick! Plant Potatoes!” issue out to give you the simple steps you need to get started.  You can sign up for our newsletter to get updates on when new issues come out.

In the meantime, here’s a song for those of us who really love eating Potatoes!

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