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Spam Victory Buns

Posted on October 24th, by Kathy in Recipes that Never Expire. 1 Comment

Spam Victory Buns

Here’s a great meal to celebrate your victory over the Zombies – Spam Victory Buns!  Not only does the sodium content in the Spam replace everything you sweated out running from the Zombies or working in the garden, it’s also got that retro comfort food taste….with a little bit of pet-foodishness thrown in.  See how Leah and Molly like Spam, eggs, mayo, and velveeta cheese.

One thought on “Spam Victory Buns

  1. OK, now you should try the Spam baked with brown sugar on top and cloves stuck in. Honest, we used to have that when I was a kid. And when we were first married—hey, it was cheap! Maybe that explains something…?