When the chaos dies down and you're sick of canned food, what will your long term plan be?

Mobile Gardening

Posted on November 8th, by Kathy in Containers and Beds. 2 comments

Mobile Gardening

We know its good to have a long term plan AND it’s good to have a “practice garden” pre-apocalypse, but what to do about that unstable time between now and when things “calm down” after the undead rise?

Shopping cart gardening. It’s mobile so it moves with you from place to place. It can be moved in and out of the sun depending on what you’re growing. It doesn’t have any drainage issues. What more could you ask for? Our photo example has a weathered straw bale as substrate (as it weathers the middle starts to turn into great compost), but there’s no reason you couldn’t pack that cart full of pots or other containers just as easily.

If you live in an apartment currently, you may want to think about how to make you garden somewhat mobile already. It can be hard to get started gardening if you’re not sure how to move your plants when your lease is up. Issue 3 of Quick! Plant Something! Container Gardening includes lots of options for people with no yard, limited space, or the need for plants to be mobile. You can garden whatever your living situation and we’re here to help make it easy!

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