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Vertical gardening with recycled objects

Posted on November 11th, by Kathy in Containers and Beds. 2 comments

Vertical gardening with recycled objects

Don’t have a fence or easy vertical space to grow your vining plants? Here’s another great idea for recycling in your garden:

Take two bike wheels, remove the spokes. Create a small bed or large pot with soil to plant in. Put one wheel on the ground and attach the other one to the top of a post in the middle of your growing area. Run strings back and forth through all the holes left by the missing spokes. Plant your seeds and you’ll have a beautiful barrel of growing green vines and veggies in the near future!

Keep in mind you can always use pallets, gutters, etc to create vertical gardens as well! Vertical gardening is limited only by your imagination. Need more suggestions or instructions? Keep an eye out for our 3rd issue of Quick! Plant Something! Container Gardening

2 thoughts on “Vertical gardening with recycled objects

  1. but how will you pick all the beans in the middle?? Much better to have an open-plan concept, IMHO.

  2. You’ll harvest the beans in the center by simply reaching your hands between the strings. Bicycle tires aren’t as big as your arms are long. 🙂