When the chaos dies down and you're sick of canned food, what will your long term plan be?

If Not Now, When? If Not Me, Who?

Posted on December 31st, by Kathy in Post-Apocalypse Happiness Tips. Comments Off on If Not Now, When? If Not Me, Who?

Nobody knows who said this first, but in addition to allowing Kathy Sue to wear whatever she’d like to wear after the Zombie Apocalypse, it’s gotten a lot of good people to do a lot of good things, making it a good happiness tip.  Here are two examples:

That’s Mikhail Gorbachev up above.  He was the last President of the Soviet Union (1985 – 1991), now Russia.  He began introducing reforms to improve the economy of and increase transparency in the government of the Soviet Union he said this to the people who told him that what he was doing was hard, and could threaten how long he might be President.  He was later recognized for his efforts with a Nobel Peace Prize, and as we look back on what he did, we can see that he changed the trajectory of politics, not only in the Soviet Union, but for the planet as a whole.

Kathy Del Tonto’s work may not have such a widespread reach, but she’s making a big difference for kids in Colorado.  She manages what they eat in 11 schools in the Montrose, Colorado School District.  She’s part of the LiveWell Colorado program to serve made-from-scratch, healthy lunches … Read More »

What inspires us? Pinterest!

Posted on December 30th, by Leah in Becoming a Farmer. 1 Comment

As the authors of this site and Quick! Plant Something! it’s our mission to teach and inspire you. Whether you’re actively planning and growing your own zombie victory garden or just entertaining the idea, we want to make sure you stay motivated and excited. Basically gardening and zombies make us happy and we hope they make you happy too!

We love what we do and we want you to love whatever you take from our site (gardening, zombie apocalypse prep, or just pure entertainment) . We thought it would be nice to share what keeps us inspired and motivated to help motivate and inspire YOU!

So! While we’ll continue putting up all the  information you need to “Plant Something!” in short, simple steps, we wanted to invite you to follow us personally on Pinterest. We keep track of  things we want to try and ideas that get our creative juices flowing on our boards. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about our pins and give you estimated difficulty levels (brains and bodies) for any project you may want to tackle. So feel free to check it out and get in touch!

Click here to see our gardening boards- Leah Ashley Esser … Read More »

ZAF Gardening Apron

Posted on December 29th, by Leah in Clothing. Comments Off on ZAF Gardening Apron

Only $10!

This all around gardening apron can be used for all sorts of things! With three divisional pockets across the front, you can hold seed packets, gardening tools, your local survival map, and ipod of zombie killing or gardening music! It can be removed and used to clean up spills, zombie gook, and you can wipe your dirty hands on it because, of course, it’s machine washable. Printed on black poly / cotton twill, this apron is durable and heavyweight (7.5 oz). And it wouldn’t be proper Zombie Apocalypse Farmer attire without the international ZAF badge printed on the left side. The apron itself measures 23″w x 11″h. Get yours so you’re prepared for anything!

We’ve also had people order these to use as cash aprons at events like Free Comic Book Day and Comic Con! The uses are endless!

Just $10 + $3.95  FREE shipping

(If you live in CO, you will be charged 2.9% sales tax)


Zombie Celery (part 1)

Posted on December 28th, by Leah in Veggie Notes. Comments Off on Zombie Celery (part 1)

Sometimes I get tired of waiting for the snow to melt and for things to start coming out of the ground (yes, I think of spring volunteer veggies and herbs like zombies rising from graves). I’ve always been aware that one can start new house plants by taking off a chunck of existing plant and putting the cutting in water until it roots, so I started thinking there might be some store bought produce we could do that with.

Arise! Zombie Celery!!

We use a lot of celery at our house and we usually just take the stalks off and throw the base into the compost bin. I’ve decided we’ll never do that again! I started resurrecting my first celery base Dec 9th, 2012. I wish I could say it took lots of work and magic, but I just cut the stalks off the top about 2″ from the bottom and put the remaining base in a tray of water. I placed the whole thing in a south facing window and  then we waited…

Within a week the center of the base had started growing little leaves and the outside layers had started turning brownish. It takes in a lot of water- approx … Read More »

Lunch is Served in the Post Apocalypse Kitchen!

Posted on December 18th, by Kathy in Recipes that Never Expire. Comments Off on Lunch is Served in the Post Apocalypse Kitchen!

Zombie Apocalypse Farmers need good food fast, so we’re introducing this recipe made from ingredients that never expire.  Cheesy Salmon Ramen Noodles will hit the spot after the apocalypse – if not before!   Learn which is better – fresh or canned spinach, and a little about miniature cows for providing milk after the Apocalypse.  It gets a ringing endorsement from Leah, who says “It doesn’t make me want to spit it out.”   Mmmm..Mmmm..Good!

Zombie Movies

Posted on December 17th, by Kathy in Movie Reviews. Comments Off on Zombie Movies

There’s no better way to start preparing for zombies than to plant your victory garden AND research survival techniques by watching some good zombie movies. We’ve added a category to our calendar to help you keep track of upcoming films. We’re only putting up films that we’ve confirmed ARE in the making and have release dates. If you think we’re missing something, email us and let us know!

There have been unconfirmed rumors going around about a handful of films we’re looking forward to seeing including:
Pride Prejudice and Zombies
Zombieland 2

If we see any of these go into production, we’ll put them on our calendar ASAP!

If you’re not caught up on your watching, here’s a list of zombie movies we highly enjoy. This is not meant to be an all inclusive list, just some of our favorites!
Shaun of the Dead
Dead Snow
Dawn of the Dead
Cabin in the Woods (not exactly a zombie movie… but it’s excellent and it has zombies)
28 Days Later
28 Weeks Later
The Walking Dead Series

We have just added a zombie movie reviewer to our team and will be posting movie reviews of some of our favorites as well as some hidden gems soon.