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Things You Can Do Now To Get Ready for Spring

Posted on January 28th, by Kathy in Becoming a Farmer. Comments Off on Things You Can Do Now To Get Ready for Spring

Things You Can Do Now To Get Ready for Spring

It may not seem like it now, but Spring is just around the corner, and as things warm up, the zombies will start moving faster.  Take advantage of their “hibernation” by getting a few things done in the garden.  Then when they start moving, you’ll have time to take care of them, knowing that your veggies are taking care of themselves.

If you’re new to Zombie Apocalypse Farming, here are some simple steps to make the start up easier:

Think about what you’d like to eat this summer.  Every book you’ll ever read says, “Don’t choose what to grow by going through a seed catalog.  You’ll go crazy and buy too much.”  They’re right.  So if you like to be restrained, follow this advice.  Myself, I’ve gone crazy every year doing this.  But so what?  This is supposed to be fun, and by buying too many varieties, I’ve learned what I like.  If you’d like to do a little catalog shopping, we recommend Victory Seeds out of Oregon.

Plan where you’d like to grow your food.  Our first issue of “Quick! Plant Something! Raised Beds” has some good tips about how to figure out where to plant your garden.  Download it here for FREE!

Here’s what we’re doing now:

Winter Sowing – using milk jugs and pop bottles as mini-greenhouses, we’re getting our seeds started.  Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages, heirloom tomatoes and more will start growing as soon as the temperatures warm, and they’ll survive spring temperature drops thanks to the shelter the jugs provide.  We put the simple instructions in our second issue of “Quick! Plant Something! Winter Sowing.” (Hey, it’s only $1.50, but if you friend us on facebook, you’ll find a code that makes it free!)  Oh – and here are some helpful hints on how to get enough milk jugs to get your winter sowing going.

Gathering Containers for Container Gardening – Think outside the box.  Just about anything can be a container for a plant.  Our pinterest pages can give you some ideas of what we think about when we’re looking for inexpensive, fun and/or attractive containers.

Raised Bed Rennovation – Every year we add a few more raised beds, reposition old ones, and do a general cleanup.  There’s always a lull in the winter weather that makes it warm enough for this kind of work, and the extra Vitamin D hit from the winter sun is a great way to cheer yourself up!

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