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Meet Oz

Posted on March 11th, by Kathy in Becoming a Farmer. Comments Off on Meet Oz

Meet Oz

Oz the dog is the newest character in our Quick! Plant Something! Series. He is also my real life dog. Not only does he make a great model and dependable sidekick for our zombie apocalypse survivors, but he and I practice a lot of what we preach on this site. Oz helps with the gardening, eats things from the garden like lettuce, celery, and parsley (he does however turn his nose up at spinach), and we try to practice running (prep for zombies) at least a couple times a week… he’s much better at it than I am.

While I’m a huge advocate of having any pet help you prepare for disaster (and as a day to day companion), I’m particularly fond of Oz’s characteristics for the following reasons:

  • While he looks like a big dog, he’s really medium sized at 55 lbs. This means he’s big enough to defend us from zombies, but small enough to be portable in small spaces or if I need to carry him.
  • He’s a bit hesitant about strangers, a trait which we don’t LOVE right now, but when the undead rise, we’re going to be really happy about his guarding nature.
  • He’s super smart- he knows how to close doors, get on top of things, has some basic herding training (not great at herding cats, but he might be good at zombie corralling) and is always willing to learn something new.

What is this fabulous breed and where can you get one? Simply put, he’s a mutt we got from the humane society. However, we love him so much (and he’s so abnormally sized) that we had him DNA tested. Most people can see the Rottweiler in him… you won’t believe what else he came back as. You can see the results here.

Below, you can watch Oz help crush recyclable containers and practice dismantling zombies in our yard, all while avoiding our raised beds. What a good boy!

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