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When to plant – Temperature Charts

Posted on March 11th, by Kathy in Veggie Notes. Comments Off on When to plant – Temperature Charts

When to plant – Temperature Charts

Since we live all over the world AND never know where we’re going to settle once the dust falls after the zombie apocalypse, it’s hard to say what YOU should plant by date.  Our growing season is in Colorado is much shorter than the growing season in Texas. California temperatures in March will be much different than the temperatures in Wisconsin. These things mean the difference between planting too early and killing off small plants and waiting too late into the season when the zombie hordes are fully thawed and not having enough time to spend starting the garden. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a temperature chart to help with planting rather than by planting date (as most seed packages list for you)?

We got you covered!

We found these handy charts at knowledgeweighsnothing.com that help you figure out when to plant AND how long it will take for seeds to germinate all by temperature. This way you can go look outside and realize “Today is the day!” or not, all based on your specific area.

Days to germinate by temperature chart seed starting by temperature chart

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