When the chaos dies down and you're sick of canned food, what will your long term plan be?

ZAF Survival Kit Bracelets

Posted on May 18th, by Kathy in Jewelry. Comments Off on ZAF Survival Kit Bracelets

ZAF Survival Kit Bracelets

KathysBraceletSurvival is important! We recommend ¬†being prepared by getting your Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit Bracelet! Just like you’d wear a medical ID bracelet to let the world know you’re allergic to peanuts, this bracelet lets people know you’re ready to survive anything! PLUS it’s your handy-dandy checklist in case you start to forget the basics when under stress (like running from zombies). It includes a variety of weapons, tools (shovels, axes, lanterns, binoculars, etc), survival basics (forks, spoons… wine bottle openers) and all the other things that will not only keep you alive, but keep you happy after the zombie apocalypse.

Each charm is handpicked and bracelets are put together by us! They are all unique and may have a variety of charms (the photos included are examples of what we’ve made so far). Each bracelet includes 2 tiles, 2 food or drink items, and 12 metal charms. If you have special charm requests, please let us know! We’ll try to accommodate up to 3 charm requests per bracelet.

LeahsBraceletBracelets are $29 + $2.95 shipping. Please expect a 3 day turn around for custom orders.

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