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Zombie Eggs

Posted on August 6th, by Leah in Containers and Beds. Comments Off on Zombie Eggs

Zombie Eggs

We recently received a great email from a fan in the UK. Chloe has creatively combined egg shells, gardening and art to make zombies that grow food out of the tops of their heads (a nice reversal from them eating our brains in my opinion)! Here’s what she has to say about her work:

‘Hidden behind the chalk white rocks, a little hedgehog shakes with fear. He’s curled up in a ball, but he can still hear the quick, fast paced running of the ravenous creatures that surround him in every direction… Blood dripping from their eyes and lips; their skin a pale yellow and a nose that is as sensitive as a fox; the undead are terrorizing the earth. No living creature is safe. Our little hedgehog is at the mercy of flesh eating zombies!’

My name is Chloe, I’m 19 years old and I live in Bristol, UK. Last weekend I made a zombie themed egg and cress garden. I found a beautiful glazed green pot in my Granddad’s shed, which I filled with soil and decorated with chalk white pebbles.
I then took three eggs and broke them so that only a little bit off the top was missing. I washed out the egg shells and left them to dry on a towel.
I gathered my felt tips, my paints and my brushes and once the shells were dry I got to work on creating their faces.
I didn’t want them to have pupils, so I gave them large, eerie black eyes. There had to be blood everywhere as well, so I used a lot of red paint!
When I was happy with what they looked like, I left them to dry before I got on to the planting bit…
I soaked two pieces of kitchen roll and placed it in the bottom of one of the egg shells, then I filled it to the top with cotton wool. I wetted the cotton wool before pouring the cress seeds over the top.
I did the same process with the other two egg shells, then placed all three of them into the pot, arranging them around the white pebbles.
I took my paintbrush, dipped it into the red paint and jotted it onto the pebbles, just for added affect.
600610_488448874582080_1773295563_nFinally I took a little painted clay hedgehog (that I’d made earlier) and hid it in front of one of the pebbles…

The garden was done, I just had to wait for it to grow. A spot on a sunny windowsill and a drink of water every day and the zombies grew green, healthy cress from the tops of their heads!

You can find her other work on her facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TeaShellsThePerfectHomeForHedgehogs

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