When the chaos dies down and you're sick of canned food, what will your long term plan be?

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Zombie Eggs

Posted on August 6th, by Leah in Containers and Beds. Comments Off on Zombie Eggs

We recently received a great email from a fan in the UK. Chloe has creatively combined egg shells, gardening and art to make zombies that grow food out of the tops of their heads (a nice reversal from them eating our brains in my opinion)! Here’s what she has to say about her work:

‘Hidden behind the chalk white rocks, a little hedgehog shakes with fear. He’s curled up in a ball, but he can still hear the quick, fast paced running of the ravenous creatures that surround him in every direction… Blood dripping from their eyes and lips; their skin a pale yellow and a nose that is as sensitive as a fox; the undead are terrorizing the earth. No living creature is safe. Our little hedgehog is at the mercy of flesh eating zombies!’

My name is Chloe, I’m 19 years old and I live in Bristol, UK. Last weekend I made a zombie themed egg and cress garden. I found a beautiful glazed green pot in my Granddad’s shed, which I filled with soil and decorated with chalk white pebbles.
I then took three eggs and broke them so that only a little bit off the top was missing. I … Read More »

Self Watering Containers – Pop Bottles

Posted on March 11th, by Kathy in Containers and Beds. 1 Comment

I frequently want to have indoor plants (specifically herbs and veggies that suck up a lot of water) but don’t want to have to think about them every day. Self watering containers seem to be the answer to that problem. Commercially they can be a bit expensive- using recycled containers is cheaper (practically free) and seems to work better! Plus, it’s really easy to get your hands on empty 2 litter bottles right now and after the zombie apocalypse. Here’s a quick tutorial on how you can make your own waterers in just a few minutes. If you want them to match your decor, you can always paint the exterior parts that show. I prefer to leave them clear so I can see the roots growing.

You will need 1 (or more) bottle, 2 paper towels (per bottle) and a pair of scissors.

Start by cutting the bottle in half (or a little higher than half). Start a hole for the scissors with a utility knife, or be super careful not to stab yourself if you’re going to do it with your scissors.

Take the bottom half and put it aside. Recycle the lid of the bottle, you won’t be needing it.

Take … Read More »

Vertical Planting – Gutters

Posted on March 11th, by Kathy in Containers and Beds. Comments Off on Vertical Planting – Gutters

Whether you have lots of “ground gardens” and just want to expand or are lacking the space and NEED to go up rather than out, vertical planting is a great option. One of the easiest ways to add vertical growing area to your space to is add gutters to a fence or wall. We recommend planting veggies with a more shallow root system (i.e. leafy greens and herbs) since your soil is only able to be about 4″ deep. Save your deeper planters for things like tomatoes, root veggies, and climbing plants. Be sure your wall or fence is sturdy and can bear the weight of both the planter and zombies pushing on the other side. Below are instructions for adding gutters to your space:

I used 4 brackets per 10 ft section (each section ended up costing approx $13 total). I used screws we had laying around the garage since they aren’t included with the brackets.

The only tools I used for this project was a tape measure, a screw driver and a level. I wanted to make sure that my brackets were all approx the same distance apart (to distribute weight evenly) and that they sloped down toward the ends … Read More »

How to Get Milk Jugs for Winter Sowing

Posted on January 28th, by Kathy in Containers and Beds, Get Gardening Now!. Comments Off on How to Get Milk Jugs for Winter Sowing

If you and your family drink a lot of milk, you may be able to collect enough milk jugs in a short amount of time.  But if your family is small, or lactose intolerant, you may be struggling to find your mini-greenhouses.


I called several of our local Starbucks and asked them to put aside their empty milk jugs.  This is really an imposition because they are moving fast, and their normal routine is to crush them for recycling.  But I promised that if they would hold them, I would be by before 10 am to pick them up.  That way the baristas aren’t trying to save them all day in the very small, very crowded space they work.  Do this for a couple days in a row, and you’ve got your green house supply!  And let them know what you’re doing – saving them from the zombie apocalypse and all.  You might even wear your t-shirt or hoodie in as you’re picking up your milk jugs, so they’ll know the value of the contribution they’re making.  You could even promise them a summer ripe tomato from your garden.

Vertical gardening with recycled objects

Posted on November 11th, by Kathy in Containers and Beds. 2 comments

Don’t have a fence or easy vertical space to grow your vining plants? Here’s another great idea for recycling in your garden:

Take two bike wheels, remove the spokes. Create a small bed or large pot with soil to plant in. Put one wheel on the ground and attach the other one to the top of a post in the middle of your growing area. Run strings back and forth through all the holes left by the missing spokes. Plant your seeds and you’ll have a beautiful barrel of growing green vines and veggies in the near future!

Keep in mind you can always use pallets, gutters, etc to create vertical gardens as well! Vertical gardening is limited only by your imagination. Need more suggestions or instructions? Keep an eye out for our 3rd issue of Quick! Plant Something! Container Gardening

Mobile Gardening

Posted on November 8th, by Kathy in Containers and Beds. 2 comments

We know its good to have a long term plan AND it’s good to have a “practice garden” pre-apocalypse, but what to do about that unstable time between now and when things “calm down” after the undead rise?

Shopping cart gardening. It’s mobile so it moves with you from place to place. It can be moved in and out of the sun depending on what you’re growing. It doesn’t have any drainage issues. What more could you ask for? Our photo example has a weathered straw bale as substrate (as it weathers the middle starts to turn into great compost), but there’s no reason you couldn’t pack that cart full of pots or other containers just as easily.

If you live in an apartment currently, you may want to think about how to make you garden somewhat mobile already. It can be hard to get started gardening if you’re not sure how to move your plants when your lease is up. Issue 3 of Quick! Plant Something! Container Gardening includes lots of options for people with no yard, limited space, or the need for plants to be mobile. You can garden whatever your living situation and we’re here to help make it … Read More »

Potato! Potato! Potato!

Posted on October 17th, by Kathy in Containers and Beds, Veggie Notes. Comments Off on Potato! Potato! Potato!

You can grow potatoes almost anywhere, and they make great container plants.  This year we grew potatoes in our square foot gardens, in half barrels to decorate our driveway, in vinyl “potato tubs,” made just for potato growing, and in empty chicken feed sacks.  Some folks grow them in garbage bags, and plastic or canvas shopping bags.  In fact, potatoes may be the easiest thing to grow in your garden.

It’s a few months before you need to figure out which kind of container you’ll need for your potatoes.  When it’s time, we’ll have a special “Quick! Plant Potatoes!” issue out to give you the simple steps you need to get started.  You can sign up for our newsletter to get updates on when new issues come out.

In the meantime, here’s a song for those of us who really love eating Potatoes!