When the chaos dies down and you're sick of canned food, what will your long term plan be?

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Goats – the Perfect Post-Apocalypse Livestock?

Posted on January 29th, by Kathy in Becoming a Farmer, Preparedness Tips. Comments Off on Goats – the Perfect Post-Apocalypse Livestock?

Remember Y2K?  It was that big scare that all our computers would crash because they wouldn’t have enough digits to roll over from ’99 to 2000, and that we’d be forever stuck in the 1900s.  People were stocking up on food and water, because at the stroke of midnight they thought all the computer systems of the world would crash and we’d be left in the cold and dark.

I wasn’t worried though.  I had a herd of 130 goats.  So my plan was to become a nomad with my husband, my goats, and maybe some friends who deserved to be saved.  We’d head for the hills, using the goats as pack animals.  They’d eat anything they wanted along the way, and by watching what they chose to eat, I could add select vegetation to my diet.  The does would make milk for us that we could turn into yogurt and cheese, and whenever we got hungry we could eat one of the wethers (a neutered male).  The does and our bucks would make more babies, so I could always replenish my food source and we’d be completely mobile.

We all know that in an apocalypse you can’t trust just anyone.  So … Read More »

What Hardiness Zone am I in?

Posted on November 12th, by Kathy in Preparedness Tips. Comments Off on What Hardiness Zone am I in?

It’s easier to be prepared when you know what hardiness zone you’re in. It makes it easy to look up things like frost dates and when to plant different seeds (most seed packages give you general date guidelines by zone). The USDA has a great interactive map that not only shows you nation wide hardiness zones, but it also lets you click on your state and see hardiness zones by county.


What Can I Plant in My Area and When?

Posted on November 12th, by Kathy in Becoming a Farmer, Preparedness Tips. Comments Off on What Can I Plant in My Area and When?

When preparing for the zombie apocalypse, you’ll want to know what you can grow in your area and when to plant it. Gardenate.com can help you figure out what’s good in your neck of the woods and when you can start things in the ground. Just put in your hardiness zone and click on the month below to find out what you should be planting! Not sure you’ll remember? You can sign up for email reminders based on your area as well!

Reading Lamp for the Zombie Apocalypse

Posted on November 5th, by Leah in Preparedness Tips. 1 Comment

We’re assuming power will be out (for a while… don’t worry we have a plan for bring it back) after the zombie apocalypse. We know you’re going to need light to reread your “Quick! Plant Something!” issues and think Listorama on Flickr has the best idea we’ve seen yet! Head lamps are battery operated and super useful, however they’re glaringly bright when you just want to read something. Water will be essential and you will need to have gallons of it. So behold! Head Lamp+ Gallon of Water = Reading light!! Brilliant!

While we’re still in preparation mode, use this where ever you want- camping, in your yard, in your house if you’re feeling really adventurous. When the undead start shambling around, you’ll want to make sure to use this sparingly- you won’t want to attract unwanted attention OR run out your batteries. Let us know how it works for you!


Map of the Dead

Posted on October 15th, by Leah in Preparedness Tips. Comments Off on Map of the Dead

We have different priorities than the average person preparing for the zombie apocalypse; we’re making sure you know how to feed yourself since processed foods tend to have a fairly short shelf life. We’ll also tell you what you can plant easily based on your limitations: space, sun, water, etc. And we’ll help you figure this all out BEFORE disaster strikes!

However! if you’re not planning on staying at your current location when the dead rise or you’re unsure how to get through the immediate aftermath should people start to reanimate, we’ve found a great survival map for you- Map of the Dead.  Just plug in your city or zip code and this handy creation will show you what areas to avoid (basically any areas with high populations are marked red for dangerous) and where the nearest helpful raiding locations are to you (grocery stores, hospitals, malls, hardware stores, etc). We’re hoping they’ll add plant nurseries, craft stores, and community gardens soon!