When the chaos dies down and you're sick of canned food, what will your long term plan be?

Quick! Plant Something! Class Notes

Greetings Survivalists!

Posted on August 23rd, by Karen Cox in Class Notes. Comments Off on Greetings Survivalists!

You’ve survived another weekend after the Zombie Apocalypse. I hope supplies are holding out and no z’s have found your location.
Now you’ve been officially initiated into the Zombie Apocalypse Farmer Corps (ZAF). If you attended the first class but did not pre-pay for the entire course, be sure to contact me and let me know if you’ll be back for next week’s discussion on tools and fortifications! 304-843-1170 or Karen.Cox@mail.wvu.edu.

Have you gotten your survival garden laid out? I hope you’ve picked a place where you’ll be safe while planting, weeding, and picking. If you need more materials to get your garden started we have lots more. Bring back your bags, or any container you have, and load up at the next class! You want this pile of debris to be deep, 3-8 inches deep! Remember, you can use anything other than meat and dairy, but cover up a thin layer of veggie scraps with a thick brown layer to prevent the stench! By the way, this will look awesome as newly planted grave for Halloween; just sprinkle the top lovingly with a bag of compost until no ‘ingredients’ can be seen.
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