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Why Do We Farm?

Posted on April 17th, by Kathy in Becoming a Farmer. Comments Off on Why Do We Farm?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot ever since our flock of egg-layers was decimated last week by a rampaging raccoon.  That very day I went to the feed store and bought new chicks.  But now, with over a foot of snow on the ground – in April!, and having hauled all the chicks, both egg-layers and meat, to safety in the garage, I’ve smacked myself in the head and asked, “What am I doing this for?  Why can’t I just buy eggs like everybody else I know?  Is the money I make and the food I grow really worth it?!”

The reality is that we don’t make money at all from my chickens.  We just cover costs plus a little of what all our grandmothers called “Egg Money” –  that small fund they spent on little things to delight themselves or friends and family.  I sell eggs to friends, and give plenty away just for the joy it brings me.  Friends who help with the meat chicken harvest take home several birds as thanks for their participation, and the rest we freeze and eat over the course of the winter.  The whole roast chickens I take to potlucks in town … Read More »