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Zombie Celery (part 1)

Posted on December 28th, by Leah in Veggie Notes. Comments Off on Zombie Celery (part 1)

Sometimes I get tired of waiting for the snow to melt and for things to start coming out of the ground (yes, I think of spring volunteer veggies and herbs like zombies rising from graves). I’ve always been aware that one can start new house plants by taking off a chunck of existing plant and putting the cutting in water until it roots, so I started thinking there might be some store bought produce we could do that with.

Arise! Zombie Celery!!

We use a lot of celery at our house and we usually just take the stalks off and throw the base into the compost bin. I’ve decided we’ll never do that again! I started resurrecting my first celery base Dec 9th, 2012. I wish I could say it took lots of work and magic, but I just cut the stalks off the top about 2″ from the bottom and put the remaining base in a tray of water. I placed the whole thing in a south facing window and ¬†then we waited…

Within a week the center of the base had started growing little leaves and the outside layers had started turning brownish. It takes in a lot of water- approx … Read More »