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If Not Now, When? If Not Me, Who?

Posted on December 31st, by Kathy in Post-Apocalypse Happiness Tips. Comments Off on If Not Now, When? If Not Me, Who?

Nobody knows who said this first, but in addition to allowing Kathy Sue to wear whatever she’d like to wear after the Zombie Apocalypse, it’s gotten a lot of good people to do a lot of good things, making it a good happiness tip.  Here are two examples:

That’s Mikhail Gorbachev up above.  He was the last President of the Soviet Union (1985 – 1991), now Russia.  He began introducing reforms to improve the economy of and increase transparency in the government of the Soviet Union he said this to the people who told him that what he was doing was hard, and could threaten how long he might be President.  He was later recognized for his efforts with a Nobel Peace Prize, and as we look back on what he did, we can see that he changed the trajectory of politics, not only in the Soviet Union, but for the planet as a whole.

Kathy Del Tonto’s work may not have such a widespread reach, but she’s making a big difference for kids in Colorado.  She manages what they eat in 11 schools in the Montrose, Colorado School District.  She’s part of the LiveWell Colorado program to serve made-from-scratch, healthy lunches … Read More »