When the chaos dies down and you're sick of canned food, what will your long term plan be?

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Jello Shots to Health in the Post-Zombie Apocalypse

Posted on February 10th, by Kathy in Post-Apocalypse Happiness Tips, Recipes that Never Expire. Comments Off on Jello Shots to Health in the Post-Zombie Apocalypse

Are jello shots the answer in a post-Zombie Apocalypse World?  Here’s a recipe that says “Yes!” sort of.  We start with jello and honey to soothe our throats, and then add alcohol for a little extra kick.  Leah likes it so much she dances!  We’re feeling so much better here at ZombieVictoryGardens.com!

Ramen Trail Mix!

Posted on November 23rd, by Kathy in Recipes that Never Expire. Comments Off on Ramen Trail Mix!

Presenting Ramen Trail Mix for that pick me up you need now and after the Zombie Apocalypse. Beef Jerky for protein, Peanut M&Ms for color and quick energy,craisins and dried apricots for vitamin C, and ramen for…well because the recipe book was called “101 Things You Can Do With Ramen.”  Write us and we’ll send you some if we haven’t eaten it all!

Spam Victory Buns

Posted on October 24th, by Kathy in Recipes that Never Expire. 1 Comment

Here’s a great meal to celebrate your victory over the Zombies – Spam Victory Buns!  Not only does the sodium content in the Spam replace everything you sweated out running from the Zombies or working in the garden, it’s also got that retro comfort food taste….with a little bit of pet-foodishness thrown in.  See how Leah and Molly like Spam, eggs, mayo, and velveeta cheese.

Dream Whip + Jello + Peaches= Dessert

Posted on October 16th, by Leah in Recipes that Never Expire. Comments Off on Dream Whip + Jello + Peaches= Dessert

Part of surviving after the Zombie Apocalypse is having a cheerful attitude, and dessert can definitely help with that! Here’s “Supreme Dessert” from “Joys of Jello.” All the ingredients are things you’ll find in a post-apocalyptic grocery store. Just be sure you’ve got a cow at home so you can add that 1/2 cup milk to the Dream Whip! (We’ll be posting instructions about how to milk a cow later on!)

Jello + Tuna = Entree!

Posted on October 9th, by Kathy in Recipes that Never Expire. 1 Comment

The post-apocalyptic world doesn’t have to be depressing if you look at it the right way.  For example, there’s all kinds of stuff sitting on the shelves in those abandoned grocery stores that are still edible and will be for a long time!  All you need are a few recipes to take advantage of them.  For example, there’s always room for Jello AND it never expires.  So pick up a box of lemon or lime jello, a couple cans of tuna, a jar of green olives, and add some fresh ingredients from your Zombie Victory Garden.   TA DA! – you have Ring Around the Tuna “a beautiful, jewel-like entree salad for your luncheon or buffet table” straight from the vintage pages of “Joy of Jello.”

Watch Leah prep this entree, and even taste it!  She gave it a “3 Bite Rating.”  After you’ve made your own, let us know what your rating is!