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Growing Your Own Food Is Like Printing Money

Posted on April 3rd, by Kathy in Becoming a Farmer. Comments Off on Growing Your Own Food Is Like Printing Money

Ron Finley is a guerilla gardener in South Central Los Angeles, California.  In his recent TED talk he talks about how he realized that food was both the problem and the solution for what he saw happening in his neighborhood.  Because they live in a “Food Desert” (a place where there are no grocery stores or sales of fresh produce) he saw that more people were dying from the effects of drive through eating than from drive by shootings.

Watch his video to see how the smallest patches of soil can grow corn, kale and more.  Hear great things like:

“Planting a garden is like printing your own money.”

“Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do.  Plus you get strawberries.”

“Let the shovel be your weapon of choice.”

Go, Ron!  You’re amazing!