When the chaos dies down and you're sick of canned food, what will your long term plan be?

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Join the Zombie Apocalypse Farmer Corps

Posted on November 9th, by Kathy in Becoming a Farmer. Comments Off on Join the Zombie Apocalypse Farmer Corps

The ZAF (Zombie Apocalpyse Farmer) Corps is a global force for good and we want you!

The ZAF Corps will save the world in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse by growing the food we’ll need.  Wherever there’s a well-fenced yard, a deck, a patio, or a wide window ledge, Zombie Apocalypse Farmers will plant fresh veggies. These “Victory Gardens” will support our troops and survivors at home by making sure they have the food they need to beat back the zombies.  Start practicing this Spring, and you’ll be on your way!

You can be a ZAF Corps hero and we can help.  Over the winter, we’ll be publishing “Quick! Plant Something!” garden guides.  Each one will show you the 5 or 6 simple steps to get your garden growing this Spring.  Our first issue is all about building raised beds – the no arduous digging, no rototilling, no sweating (or at least not much) way to make a place to plant your veggies.  It’s free, so check it out here!  Our next two issues will show you a really easy way to start from seed if you don’t feel like buying seedlings from the store, and how to grow everything you … Read More »

What’s a Victory Garden?

Posted on October 23rd, by Kathy in Becoming a Farmer. 1 Comment

Victory Garden: a vegetable garden, grown at home or in a public park or space, cultivated to increase food production during a war
or period of shortages.
Zombie Victory Garden: a garden cultivated to increase food production at home.  You get great, low-cost veggies in just a few simple steps, AND you’re ready for anything, just in case the zombie apocalypse does happen!

Victory Gardens began as a solution to food shortages and rationing during World Wars I and II.  While food was shipped to the war front, people on the home front began growing their own food as a way to support the war effort and to feed themselves.  During WW II, Americans planted 20 million Victory Gardens and grew 9 to 10 million tons of produce.  That was 40% of all the vegetables produced in the United States!

Victory Gardeners figured out how to plant and grow things with the help of their neighbors and the U.S. Food Administration’s instructional booklets.  You can still find some of those booklets on line, and there’s no shortage of books on gardening by modern authors.  Still, what we found is that when you’re getting started, those big thick books with all their details can be daunting.  So we decided to help folks get started by giving them just … Read More »