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How to Get Milk Jugs for Winter Sowing

Posted on January 28th, by Kathy in Containers and Beds, Get Gardening Now!. Comments Off on How to Get Milk Jugs for Winter Sowing

If you and your family drink a lot of milk, you may be able to collect enough milk jugs in a short amount of time.  But if your family is small, or lactose intolerant, you may be struggling to find your mini-greenhouses.


I called several of our local Starbucks and asked them to put aside their empty milk jugs.  This is really an imposition because they are moving fast, and their normal routine is to crush them for recycling.  But I promised that if they would hold them, I would be by before 10 am to pick them up.  That way the baristas aren’t trying to save them all day in the very small, very crowded space they work.  Do this for a couple days in a row, and you’ve got your green house supply!  And let them know what you’re doing – saving them from the zombie apocalypse and all.  You might even wear your t-shirt or hoodie in as you’re picking up your milk jugs, so they’ll know the value of the contribution they’re making.  You could even promise them a summer ripe tomato from your garden.